Shopping for groceries is an important skill to have as a student and as an adult in the world. Whether you're busy with school or an internship, or you're trying to avoid the Coronavirus, this task can be difficult to fit into your schedule and complete safely. 

Fortunately, the online shopping trend has expanded to include online grocery shopping. Knowing key facts as well as where to shop is essential for ensuring that you get what you need in a timely manner. 

What You Should Know 

There are numerous factors to consider when deciding whether or not to have your groceries delivered. These should be taken into account, especially if you are on a tight budget and have other errands to run. 


Consider the price 

When you order from sites like Amazon, service fees are frequently added to help cover the cost of delivery and the service itself. While having your groceries delivered to you is convenient, keep in mind that it will also raise the price. Keep the price increase in mind as a college student on a tight budget, and weigh the pros and cons. If you are swamped with a million things to do and/or are concerned about illnesses that are circulating, it may be worth it for you. However, if you are unable to justify the cost or are simply doing it out of laziness, you should reconsider. 

In times of high demand, there may be a minimum order amount that you must meet in order to receive grocery delivery, even from companies like Flipkart. If you only need a few items, this minimum may entice you to add more to your cart than you actually need, causing you to overspend. If you only need a few items, it may be easier to go to the store yourself so you are not tempted to buy more than you need. Additional service fees may be added to your total, especially during peak times. 

Different stores provide various services 

While some stores offer delivery, others only offer pickup because grocery delivery is still a new service. This will determine whether you use a third-party service or shop directly at the store. Check the store's website or give them a call to find out what services they provide. Even if you use a third-party site, they may not list all of the stores in your area. You'll have to look around to see what stores offer delivery and how their process works. You can also save some money on online food orders by using codes such as Dominos coupons, Swiggy coupons etc from deals based portal.

Again, third-party sites may appear to be better options, especially if the store delivery service is overburdened, but these sites may charge a higher service fee during peak times. 

You'll have to stay at home 

It may seem obvious, but you must be home when your groceries arrive because you may have perishable items. This can affect how you run other errands. Consider scheduling your groceries to be delivered during a time when you are certain you will be home. Also, keep in mind that some delivery services can take anywhere from a few hours to a day or more. Consider this and make a note of when you schedule the delivery. That way, you can be certain that you will arrive home safely. If you plan on doing things around the house, you should have no problems. Include any information the delivery person may require, such as coming to a specific door or ringing the doorbell to ensure you can receive the order. 

On the other hand, if you are out running other errands, it would save gas and emissions if you just stopped to pick up groceries, especially if you only need a few items. 

Placement, placement, place 

Even if you use a third-party store, where you live determines whether or not a store can deliver to you. Stores further away may be able to ship non-grocery items such as office supplies, but this will take longer. Also, keep in mind that if you are purchasing items such as ice cream or refrigerated items, you will want the distance between the store and your home to be as short as possible in order to avoid melting and keep the freshness. When looking for a store from which to order groceries, look for the ones that are closest to you. 

Also, keep in mind that third-party sites may have delivery people take multiple orders and deliver other people's items before delivering to you. This emphasises the importance of focusing on distance to ensure that your groceries stay fresh. 

Delivery improves convenience 

Grocery delivery can be extremely convenient, particularly if you rely on public transportation or walk to get around. Having your groceries delivered to you eliminates the need to carry all of your purchases onto public transportation or through the streets. This also saves you the trouble of coordinating schedules when you go grocery shopping with a friend. Being able to order groceries saves you from having to go out, which is useful if you just want to relax and take a day off. 

Keep an eye out for quantities 

Some delivery stores have a minimum number of items that you must order in order for the item to be delivered to you. For example, you may only need five apples, but the minimum packaging is ten. Again, this may apply to the total price, implying that you must spend a certain amount to qualify for delivery. You can utilise coupon codes from Askmeoffers or Couponsabc to save some money on your grocery shopping, discount coupons like Dominos coupons, Amazon coupons, Walmart coupon codes etc are freely available for you to use and save some cash. 

Also, make sure to double-check the units. You may be able to purchase five apples, but be careful not to purchase five pounds of apples. Always check and double-check to ensure that you are receiving the correct amount. 

Time is supreme 

Even if you order directly from the store for delivery, they may be busy at times and may not be able to deliver your order the same day. In this case, try to avoid ordering groceries until you are completely out of something. You may also decide to order your groceries and schedule a time for them to be delivered in the future. Make a note of this information so that you can be at home when the groceries arrive. Also, keep in mind that service fees, particularly on third-party sites, tend to be higher during peak times.

Grocery delivery eliminates impulse purchases 

You've seen how it goes. You make your list, double-check it, and are certain that you will follow it religiously. However, once you arrive at the store and begin searching the aisles for the items on your list, you notice other items and decide that you should get them while you're there or that you're running low on something. This frequently results in a small total cost skyrocketing. This is eliminated when you shop online for grocery. While browsing is enjoyable, if you are on a tight budget, impulse purchases can be costly. Make a list and make sure to stick to it when ordering grocery delivery.

Service fee vs. membership 

Depending on when you place your order and how busy the service is, some grocery delivery services charge a service fee. Some websites allow you to purchase a membership in exchange for a lower service fee or a complete waiver of the fee. Consider how frequently you will use the service as well as the service fee in comparison to the cost of the membership when deciding which to do. Some websites may also charge a monthly or annual fee for membership. Annual memberships are typically less expensive per month than monthly memberships, but you are often locked in for the entire year and must pay in advance. 

Where to Buy 

As previously stated, the location of the store is critical to where you shop so that frozen and refrigerated items remain fresh. It is critical to understand your options and compare them in order to get the best deal. There are numerous options for where to get your groceries delivered, whether you go to a store directly or through a third-party site. Some of these require a monthly or annual membership, while others allow you to shop for delivery for a fee.