The price of a hotel stay is nearly as perplexing as the price of a hospital stay.  That's because you frequently don't realise the true cost until you're staring at your bill in horror: $10 for water, $20 for Wi-Fi, and $50 for the resort fee! And you were only here for two nights! 


In order to better prepare you for your next out-of-town trip, we've compiled a list of nine hidden hotel charges to be aware of. Remember that you are responsible for the majority of these costs. So, if you don't want to pay, find another place to stay! 


1. Parking 


Some hotel companies offer complimentary parking. Others? Not at all. Even with self-parking, parking might cost $25 or more per night. This isn't always obvious when making a reservation, so call and inquire. If you're staying for an extended period of time, a less-central hotel with free parking can be worth the trip. Don't forget to tip the valet if you utilise it! 


2. Housekeeping 


Last year, Marriott announced that envelopes would be placed in over 160,000 rooms across the United States and Canada to encourage visitors to tip their housekeepers. Be grateful and leave a few dollars per night or a note indicating that you do not require your room to be cleaned on a regular basis. In any case, plan to spend a little money at the end of your visit. 


3. Restaurants 


Hotel restaurants are notorious for serving mediocre meals and charging exorbitant prices. They do, however, have a captive audience, which allows them to charge whatever they want. Find a nearby local dive and immerse yourself in the culture for a lot less money. 


4. Room service 


You're paying for the benefit of convenience. And the price is exorbitant. A club sandwich in New York City, for example, costs $24 on average! Then there's the tip, which is normally 20% of the bill. If you need to order something from the hotel, walk downstairs, place your order, and wait for it to arrive. This can help you save a lot of money. You can also use codes such as Oyo coupons which you can grab from websites like Askmeoffers & CouponsABC, I always found working codes from these sites. 


5. Coffee and water 


Many hotels provide a limited quantity of complimentary water bottles or K-cups. But here's the catch: they may include non-free items in your accommodation. To find out how many drinks you're permitted, read the labels carefully. Bring your own coffee or find a nearby coffee shop with a superior brew for the same price if you need extra. 


6. Safes and Refrigerators 


Do you have a new baby and require a refrigerator in your room? Do you wish to keep your valuables safe during the night? Refrigerators and safes in rooms are normally provided upon request—and at a cost. Before you go, call and inquire about this, and then budget for the charge. 


7. Hotel Fees 


The resort charge is, without a doubt, the most despised of them all. What exactly does it cover? Because it's free money, don't expect the hotel to waive the fee for you. If your hotel's name includes the word "resort," you can expect to spend more. Check to see if the extras are genuinely worth it to you. 


8. Internet 


While every hotel has Wi-Fi, not all hotels offer free Wi-Fi. That means connecting to your Facebook account might cost you anywhere from $10 to $20 every day. Plan on using your phone's data plan or looking for a free hotel that provides this service. 


9. Check-out Late 


Until it's time for you to leave, you're a treasured visitor. Checkout times vary each hotel, so be sure you know if you need to go by 11 a.m. or noon. If you don't, you'll have to pay more. Ask the front desk for more time if you know you'll need it. For an hour or two, they might be able to work around you. But don't make assumptions!